Best Places to Shop for Unique Christmas Gifts:

Now I don’t know if I’m the only one but when it comes to Christmas shopping for my family, what I will always search on Google is ‘unique Christmas gifts’ or ‘quirky Christmas gifts’, because these are the types of presents my family seem to like. There are some amazing online shops that do these types of presents, so if your recipients also like quirky or unique gifts, then this article is for you! 

1. Firebox

Firebox do some of the most unique gifts I have ever seen. If you are a fan of personalized photo gifts then this website is perfect for you, as you can get ‘Mushions’, so a pillow with just your face on it, or if you want to go even further, a suitcase with your face on it called a ‘Head Case’. They also offer lots of other gifts, including alcohol gifts like ‘Unicorn Tears Gin Liqueur’. Check out their ‘World’s smallest’ selection which includes the ‘World’s Smallest Leaf Blower’ to the ‘World’s Smallest Twister’. UNiDAYs also offer a student discount for this website- usually 10%. 

2.I Want One of Those (IWOOT)

Now this website does absolutely everything. Not only does it provide gifts from TV shows and films, but it also offers quirky gifts like ‘Unicorn Poo Bath Bombs’. They do a 3 for £18 offer too, as well as lots of discounts, both if you are on their mailing list and through UNiDAYS (student discount). 


It is not only an online store but also has physical stores across the country. It does lots of licensed merchandise, such as Marvel, Disney and Harry Potter. It has a variety of gifts, from watches, to hoverboards, to beard baubles, you will not be disappointed in your search for unique gifts here. 

The link for this website is as followed: 


Prezzybox offer lots of personalised items, including personalised Toblerone bars, to personalised books. They do a range of quirky gifts (just like the other websites but). From a ‘David Bowie Tea Towel’ to ‘Light Up Unicorn Slippers’, this website offers gifts for all ages. 


For handmade, unique gifts, Etsy is the place to look. With individual sellers that offer an array of handmade gifts, including personalised gifts like jewellery and homewares. Sellers are both national and international also. There is an online app for Etsy if you prefer to browse on your phone. 

6. Not On The High Street 

Not On the High Street offers handmade gifts from individual sellers. The handmade element does tend to mean that the items are more expensive than you may expect, but they are worth it with their individual and unique qualities. 

The website is here: 

I hope these websites have been useful!