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One of the great perks of going to college in London is the immediate and unlimited access to the highest quality of sweets and baked goods that humanity has to offer! If your schoolwork is prompting you to scream, it’s time to go pump some sugar in your bloodstream! Here is a list of some of my favourite places for sweet treats in the city:


Creams Café

One of the most popular restaurant chains in the UK, this ice cream parlour sells huge portions for a reasonable price. They also offer numerous vegan options. If you only manage to go to one of the shops listed here, it has to be Creams. Their selection of cookie dough is a MUST TRY! This establishment is the perfect combination of casual and vibey with locations across the city. Their London Bridge location is a 5 minute walk from Guy’s Campus so it is a perfect midweek pick me up!



Popularised by their artsy rose petal gelato cones, Amorino has something for everyone! They are open quite late (during non-Covid times), so they are a perfect after dinner snack. Their smooth creamy concoctions manage to surpass the standard for gelato outside Italy and their waffle sticks and ice creams are drool worthy as well. With over 15 locations in London, you are never too far away from an Amorino boutique.


Ben’s Cookies

For the cookies connoisseur, Ben’s Cookies is your best bet. Their gooey, soft, generously sized cookies are downright delicious and they have a sizable assortment of freshly baked options. They are hidden away in small stores so you wouldn’t think much of their baked goods but one bite into any of their items makes you question why you hadn’t found them sooner.


Chin Chin Laboratorists

The Times nominated it as the best ice cream parlour in England. The Observer named it ‘the future of ice cream.’ A little fancier than the first few recommendations, Chin Chin Labs, Europe’s first liquid nitrogen ice cream bar, stands out with its decor of cylinders, beakers and bulbs. The spectacle of liquid nitrogen being poured into the cream base and getting churned, emanating dense white fumes is captivating but the taste itself does not fail after all the build up. All the ice creams and toppings are made on location. From your entry into the restaurant, till you take your last lick is an experience – an Instagrammable one too!


The Freakshake at Maxwell’s

Not for the faint hearted, the Freakshakes at Maxwell’s are among the most legendary London desserts. The American diner style Bar and Grill has become an internet sensation under the aegis of its massive shakes. From the salted caramel concoction, to their Pokémon themed freakshakes, all their creations are as aesthetic as they are drool worthy! Not forgetting their beautiful obnoxious toppings, the freakshakes measure up to your expectations through their quality. With its delicious selection, there is always something new to try. If you’re trying to flex on social media while also flexing on your tastebuds, this is the place for you.


Whether you decide to try one of my recommendations or would much prefer to stick to your trusted finds, please use this article as an excuse to treat yourself! You’ve made it through possibly one of the hardest years in recent times as well as managing to complete one half of the academic year; You deserve it!


I’m Laya, a dog-loving, coffee drinking, book reading, optimistic and self-proclaimed stand-up comedian. Also, occasionally, I write. My written ramblings are based on whatever topic has been bouncing off the walls of my brain. However arbitrary they are, I hope you like them!
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