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A fair share of influencers have expressed the view that they find better stuff in second hand clothing stores rather than normal stores. Unfortunately, most of the aforementioned influencers are American. So here’s my London guide to “thrifting.” No grandma’s cardigan moments, I promise.

I have noticed that the pieces you can collect are so unique and sometimes more aloof, that they stand out compared to the repeated patterns and styles from online and high street shops. Plus, trends are repeated all the time, so when the 90s or 00s come back again, check out your charity shops rather than rushing to fast fashion.

Not only this but they are most noticeably cheaper. However, London prices are not it, a lot of the time; vintage T-shirt’s starting at least £10, jeans can be £50, which isn’t great for students or their student loans! But I’ve ventured out to try and find some not-so-expensive, yet fashionable places to check out. Despite them not all being bargains, I’ve found some super great finds!! So get on a tube or start walking to:

  1. Rokit Vintage: Right next to KCL in Covent Garden, a little hidden away and right next to Pret if you need a snack! I’ve found so many great clothes here so if you have the time, look through all the racks, and you’re guaranteed to find something you like! The prices are pretty decent and the staff are lovely. Make sure to pick up one of the magazines on the way out!
  2. Sloane Squares’s Oxfam Boutique: This store is my pride and joy, and while I initially wanted to keep this a secret, I have decided to share it with you. When I visited this store, I was lucky enough to find a Juicy Couture zip-up with all diamontes intact!! A very 2000’s steal.
  3. Brick Lane. Shoreditch is covered in thrift shops. Check the underground market where there’s an abundance of stalls, so many eras and styles. It’s a must!!
  4. Check out your local charity shops, the closest alternative to American thrift shops. None near you? Check out the richer areas in London for charity shops with a lot of designer brands.
  5. Traid in Shepard’s Bush. One of the most affordable charity shops I have been to!
  6. Not in London? Check out Handsome Freaks in Margate. I swear, finding a good pair of fitting jeans is like trying to find the right guy on Tinder (whose bio doesn’t say “6ft tall cause apparently it matters”). Impossible. But I found my most worn Carhartt jeans there, a little big around the waist but remember you can get stuff taken in or tailored to fit you. This place does great discounts and has a lot of rare finds as they get a lot of their stock from America, so definitely check this out if you’re ever by the sea.
  7. In-person shopping not for you? Check out ASOS Marketplace, the selection is endless. I found a great Lacoste zip up which was already worn in so it was even comfier!

Sophie is a maths student in London struggling like everyone else but making the best of it ! She enjoys eating too many tubs of hummus ( it’s shameful), listening to Taylor Swift and watching Rom-Coms on repeat.
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