7 Stages of Grief, As Felt By Anyone Who Has Ever Had a 9 a.m. Lecture

We’ve all had it. The horrible moment when you open up your new timetable to see the horror that is a 9 a.m. lecture. Your stomach drops. You curl up into the foetal position and hope it goes away. But no matter what you do, that early morning lecture isn’t going anywhere and your hatred is undoubtedly shared by everyone else looking at the same block on their own timetable. Your emotions probably look something like this…


1) Denial

Oh no.

No. No I never thought this would be me?!


2) Bargaining

It’s ok, it’ll be on lecture capture. I don’t really have to go…

Oh no, I’ve got the seminar right after!

How is this fair? I have to go AND I have to pay attention.


3) Pain and guilt 

Ok I’m ready, an early night, drink a bucket of coffee, I’m going to nail this.

One drink can’t hurt, right?

Ok maybe I’ll just stay up for a bit…

Shit, it’s 2 a.m.

It’s ok I have 4:54 minutes to sleep.




4) Melancholy

It is absolutely not 7 a.m. already, I do not believe you.


Ok I fell asleep again it can’t be too hard to get ready in 13 minutes.

It is too hard to get ready in 13 minutes.


5) The Upward Turn

MADE IT, thank god.

Wow, who the hell are these people?

At least I’m not the worst looking person here.

This is better, I’m up, I’m out. I’ve got the rest of the day to be productive.


6) Working Through

Hang on, this is incomprehensible. I can’t be expected to think at 9 a.m.?!

I’ll just rest my eyes for a second.

Must stay awake…


7) Acceptance 

I am never doing that again.

I only need to go to like half of the seminars, right?


All that only to realise that, come January, you definitely should have gone to those lectures…

In all seriousness the best advice is just to go to them. It means you stay caught up and it's a chance get your sleeping habits out of what could only be described as nocturnal. Besides, if you're up at 9am then you have an entire day ahead!