5 Tips for Your Tinder Profile

I think we’d be lying if we didn’t all admit that at some point or another, we’ve ended up on Tinder. Whether you sign up genuinely looking for love, just want to waste time scrolling through photos, or if you’re being talked into it by friends, we’ve all had to face that screen with an empty profile ready to be filled in. Summing yourself up is always intimidating, but here are 5 top tips to create a profile that will, with any luck, lead to some decent matches!


1) Lots of photos

One photo is definitely going to have people thinking you’re a catfish, but the more photos you have the more of your genuine interests you can show. Maybe you play a sport or cosplay or perform – add a photo to see if you can find someone with similar interests. And even if they don’t share that hobby, if you’re making it look cool as all hell, maybe they’ll want to get involved too and you might just have a first date planned.


2) Write a bio

Don’t be that person who leaves the box blank, just leaves an Instagram handle, or writes ‘I’m never on here’. No matter how much I like the look of your smile, I’m swiping past you if you don’t have a single thing written in your bio. It comes back to the avoiding catfish thing, and trying to find someone you’re actually compatible with – how do you have a chance if there’s no information to go on.


3) Put your real age

Don’t use Facebook as an excuse. If you correct your age in your bio then you’re just trying to tuck the truth away where you’re hoping someone won’t look. It isn’t the best start to a conversation if the other person doesn’t really know how old you are, and it’s just not fair on the person you’re talking to!


4) Look approachable 

You don’t have to look like a model on Tinder, and if you do look like a model you might be scaring away some people by making yourself look unapproachable. Nothing wrong with being the gorgeous being that you are, but if you’ve got one photo of yourself all made up for a night out, add a couple of the regular you hanging out with friends or hugging a pet. 


5) Be yourself

Ultimately, if you want to meet someone on Tinder, the best tip you can run with is to just be honest with your photos and your bio – you’re going to want matches who like the real you!  

Best of luck with your swiping, intrepid Tinder users. Hopefully these tips serve you well.