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5 Things You’ll Know If You Had a Job This Summer

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at KCL chapter.

After working hard all of last year to get that summer job or internship, with countless applications, interviews and that dreaded psychometric testing. Applications for work and internships can no doubt be a long and onerous process, but there is definitely light at the end of the tunnel!

A summer internship will be full of wonder and surprises. Finally, being in an office full of grown-ups in what might be your dream job. Best of all, you might be getting paid for it! Plus, it looks amaze on your CV. So, what could possibly be wrong with this? Well, during my summer work I have carefully created a list of things I found true this summer.


1) You feel like you never left Uni

So apparently Uni starts in September: but if you have been waking up at 7am every day, have you even left Uni? I mean it might be that you’re dealing with a different crowd of people, but guess what, they’re all equally as annoying. The alarm clock never seems to stop ringing, it’s like its haunting you. I guess this is what it would be like after Uni. I mean look on the bright side, at least there will be no homework!


2) You’re constantly checking your managers calendar to see if you can have a sneaky lie in tomorrow

Once you start working, all of life’s little happiness’s becomes the greatest joys of your life, and what better joy than to see that your boss will be in a meeting until 12pm the next day, that is a whole morning lie in! I mean it’s no different to missing a sneaky lecture here and there (not that we’re encouraging that).


3) You start realising the importance of savings

Who in the world thought it would be a great idea to make students pay for the accommodation during the summer, it’s like I’m not even living there and you’re already ruining my life! But it’s okay because if you save a little longer you can start buying gifts for yourself, you should always be looking out for number one.


4) You’ll be invited to lots of important meetings

To you, a summer internship might just be about the extra stuff you can add to your CV, however to your colleagues and manager, you are a wealth of knowledge, imagination and youth. You will start noticing that people invite you to meetings and ask for your opinion on a whole range of things. That’s right, you pretty much run the show.


5) You might end up working more than most of your friends, but I guess that’s part of growing up

Barbeque tomorrow? Working

Park tomorrow? Working

It turns out that you actually spend a lot of time at work, who needs the outside world when you’re in here earing money whilst checking your snapchat in the toilet. But it’s okay because there is always work drinks, and what’s best you never have to pay for your own drink!


Summer jobs can be a real pain in the ass, but they’re totally worth it! The experience and the people, good or bad will stay with you forever and help you grow to become a better you.

Have I missed something off my list? Comment below!

King's College London English student and suitably obsessed with reading to match. A city girl passionate about LGBTQ+ and women's rights, determined to leave the world better than she found it.