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It is that time of the year again, when streets are lit up with prettiest fairy lights and stores are decorated– implying just one thing; Christmas is coming! Giving gifts is one of the best parts of Christmas. It helps lift the holiday spirit and makes the season even better! However, it is no secret that many of the gifts we buy are not eco-friendly and harm the environment to a great extent and with the climate change crisis getting worse with each passing week, it is essential we do out a bit in reducing waste and saving the environment whilst we shop for gifts.

Luckily for us, there are plenty of gift options available that are eco-friendly and ethically sourced, and most of all make the perfect gift to give to you and your loved ones. Not only do you feel good about giving a good present, but you also feel great about doing your bit in protecting the environment!

Here are 5 gift ideas that are eco-friendly and ethically sourced:


1. Sustainable make-up/skincare products 

Christmas holidays are the best time to pamper yourself and your loved ones! Giving skincare or makeup products make for a great gift that many would love! Many beauty and skincare brands are coming out with some amazing sustainable and eco-friendly products which are also ethically sourced making it a perfect option for a green gift.


2. Sustainable scented candles

We all love a good scented candle, especially during the winters to keep us warm, comfy and cosy. Gifting a sustainable and eco-friendly candle as a part of your gift to a loved one is a great idea! Many brands are selling some amazing scented candles that have a minimum negative impact on the environment.


3. Ethically sourced jewellery 

Gifting a pair of earrings, a necklace or a bracelet makes for a great Christmas gift too and will bring a smile to the persons face! With constant changes in fashion trends, we often find ourself buying or gifting jewellery that is not ethically sourced and may produce lots of environmental waste. However, with the increased focus on the jewellery industry, many new local sustainable jewellery brands source their products ethically and have minimum environmental impacts, thus making it a perfect sustainable gift idea for this Christmas!


 4. Homemade sweets 

With the ongoing pandemic, we all have spent hours experimenting and mastering new recipes, whether it’s a baking a loaf of banana bread, brownies or cakes. Giving something you have baked yourself at home is a great additional gift idea that gives a more personal touch and shows that you have put in lots of effort! Not only is the gift more personal, but it also avoids the tons of plastic or paper packaging which we often find when we buy baked goods.  


 5. Stationary 

If your friend or family member loves journaling, drawing or organising, gifting them a set of eco-friendly and sustainable stationery can be a good idea as well. There are plenty of beautiful recycled and eco-friendly notebooks, desk organisers and planners available that make for a fantastic green gift!


These are just a few sustainable gift ideas that could make for a great Christmas present without feeling guilty about impacting the environment negatively and are easily available online and in-store!


Content Writer for Her Campus KCL! Interested in all things related to Politics, Sustainability and Food. Hoping to do my bit in bringing positivity into this world someday!
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