5 Easy Ways To Live a More Sustainable Lifestyle

Today, the world is more aware of the need to protect the environment. Switching to a sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle is necessary for everyone to positively impact the environment and save our planet. Every decision we make today, big or small, has a direct effect on the environment and climate. Living a sustainable lifestyle does not have to mean purchasing expensive eco-friendly products or completely changing your life. It can also be done by making small changes to your everyday routine that can help save the environment and reduce our carbon footprint immensely.

Here are five easy ways to live a more sustainable lifestyle:


1. Reusable water bottles 

According to a study by the Guardian, over a million plastic bottles are purchased per minute and this number is expected to increase by 20% in 2021. While plastic bottles are convenient to carry, especially when you are busy, they are extremely hazardous for the environment. Very often, the plastic bottles cannot be reused and go straight into landfill, releasing lots of greenhouse gasses. By carrying your own reusable bottle in your bag whenever you go out, you will reduce the amount of plastic you are purchasing, limiting your impact on the environment.


2. Recycle your clothes 

Recycling is something we all are aware of. However, how often do we actually recycle our clothes? Any clothes that do not fit you anymore or are no longer your style do not need to be thrown away. Rather, donate your clothes to a charity, shelter or give them to your friends and family. Recycling your clothes will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions significantly.


3. Reusable bags 

Carrying your own reusable bags while doing your daily food shop or when going shopping can help significantly reduce carbon emissions. We all know that plastic is non-biodegradable - it takes over 1000 years to decompose and, as plastic starts to decompose, it releases a large amount of greenhouse gases like methane that significantly increase global warming. Something as easy as carrying your own reusable bag whenever you go out can help reduce the amount of plastic being used and thus positively impact the environment!


4. Make sure to purchase sustainable/organic products 

The best way to buy produce is through your local farmers’ markets. Not only do you get fresh fruits and vegetables, but you also can help the local farmers and wildlife. Buying organic produce from local farmers’ markets will help reduce your carbon footprint by saving fuel, shipping and plastic packaging costs that are generally incurred when buying from large grocery stores.


5. Purchase clean beauty 

The negative environmental impact of the global cosmetic industry is immense due to the plastic packaging, use of unsustainable ingredients, animal testing - the list goes on! There are plenty of green, sustainable and eco-friendly beauty products available on the market today. Try purchasing from brands that have met all environmental standards and are plastic-free. Buying organic, sustainable products will help you lead a more sustainable lifestyle.