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With Halloween gone, Christmas season is officially upon us. Although some believe that it's too early to start celebrating, the sparkly lights are up in London city! The time is therefore here! And what better way is there to get into the Christmas spirit than to cuddle up with a warm drink and watch a festive movie? As the university workload is slowly decreasing with  end of term creeping on us and the stress of holiday shopping is beginning, here are a list of my favourite movies that never fail to get me into the festive spirit this time of year.


1. Elf

The most iconic Christmas movie and a must watch during this time of year. Although, heartbreakingly the magical bubble of Santa Claus was burst for a lot of us a long time ago, we can all go back to the time we believed, through this film. With its comedy, this movie never fails to put a smile on your face when you watch it. And given the global situation, there's more of a reason this year for us to find a reason to smile. So, let's grab the most Christmassy snack we can find and start our film marathon for the season with a showing of Elf.


2. Love Actually

Another absolute CLASSIC! A film set here in London town, during the same time of year, and starring the British icons - Colin Firth, Hugh Grant, Liam Neeson, Keira Knightley, Emma Thompson and Alan Rickman. The perfect romantic comedy to get you in the feels and fill your heart with the cosy, homey, love and warmth of the holidays.


3. How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Dr. Seuss' Scrooge is brought to life to learn the true meaning of Christmas spirit and make you believe in all things happy and magical again. This movie can and will convert the biggest Christmas cynacist into a ready to celebrate, magic believing individual.  Jim Carrey did a fantastic job with this film but the mid 90's cartoon version of the movie is a wonderful watch too, if you're feeling like animation is a better way to go. 


4. Home Alone

The adventures of a 9 year old left alone at home for Christmas - the plot of another exemplary Christmas film! This movie made us all wish that as kids we could be home alone during the holiday season to do whatever it is we wished. Bringing back the nostalgia of watching this movie at home as little children and wishing we could be in it makes this masterpiece of a film even more heart-warming and delightful to watch now as university students.


5. The Nightmare Before Christmas

And finally, a film to help ease the transition between Halloween and Christmas, is The Nightmare Before Christmas. I am not much of a horror person but this film has the perfect blend of horror, drama, comedy, music, romance and of course, the magical Christmas spirit. It is a perfect watch during the countdown to Christmas when decorations are making their way out of the dusty boxes and the lights are all going up.


Whatever it is that you like to watch during this time of year, whether it be cynical grinchy films or Hallmark ones, take this article as a message from Santa Claus himself, to take a break from your hectic schedule and plan a cosy night in with you and some friends to commence the beginning of yet another wonderful holiday season!


I’m Laya, a dog-loving, coffee drinking, book reading, optimistic and self-proclaimed stand-up comedian. Also, occasionally, I write. My written ramblings are based on whatever topic has been bouncing off the walls of my brain. However arbitrary they are, I hope you like them!
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