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Dear Me, From Me

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at JWU chapter.

Dear Me,

Am I making you proud? Have I disappointed you in any way? (Probably have) 

I wonder whether or not I’m living that lavish lifestyle with my perfect husband and 2 baby puppies like I imagine. Everyday I work toward being a better version of myself. I work toward what you are now. Whether it’s good or bad, my intensions as of right now is working toward the me I imagine myself to be. So whether you read this in 10 years or 20 years, I want you to know that I love you. I think right now, I’m trying so hard to love everyone else, but I forget that without loving myself, I don’t think I’m capable to love anyone else. Knowing you, or me I should say, you probably forgot to look into the mirror and recognize your self worth. I bet you’re still a workaholic. But don’t forget, theres more to life than making money. I hope you love what you do. I don’t think I tell myself this now, so I’ll remind you here, I love how passionate you are about everything. You never fall back from any turbulences and I appreciate that. If for whatever reason you’re discouraged, stop. Remember how much of a hard worker you were and how passionate you were about every little thing or person. Realize that you ARE capable of doing whatever you set your mind to. 

How’s your love life going? I really care to know because I’m beyond single right now. I keep telling myself its okay, but when all of my friends are taken, its so sad. I get so lonely and I get so annoyed. I always say that I don’t care for true love and I don’t like affection, but sometimes a little cuddling here or there won’t hurt me. I hope by then, I am done chasing the wrong guys and I realize it’s not all about the exterior and focus more of the interior. Hell, I hope by then I’m happily married. I can’t wait to see what kind of man awaits me…maybe he’ll be reading this with you and laugh about it. If you’re single, no pressure. I know it’s hard for any man to reach my expectations. NO PRESSURE. 

How’s the family doing? How’s Bailey? Right now, this year I realized that my family should mean more to me than they ever did. I realized that my parents want whats best for me. I know you remember growing up it’s been hard talking about family just because I never understood how to love them. Maybe 10 years from now, I learned to love them and I’m actually giving back to them. Right now, with everything it’s so hard to give them everything that I wanted to give them. I hate that I can’t give them the world when they deserve it. Don’t ever forget that your family will ALWAYS be there…no matter what. So, after you read this, if you aren’t close to Mom or Dad, you should probably reach out to them. Let them know you love them. Thank them. 

Give back. Remeber every person who touched your life in someway and give back. Help them if they’re in need. Lend a hand. I know I’m always worried about everyone else so I know I don’t have to remind you about it. I hope your mentality is still the same as it is now and that you are influencing someone else’s life just as you are now. You might not be President and change the world, but always remember that you are capable of changing someone else’s world into a better place. 

To all my Hermanas…RRRRRAHHH! Hasta La Muerte y Para Siempre. I hope this still stands. I hope our bond is closer than ever. I hope we are all successful in everyway possible and this Hermandad I feel now is still giving me goose bumps. Lastly, I hope my fire is burning inside me so tall that the flames will never die. I wish we’ve made a strong impact on the world and we’re striving to become an empire that’s undefeatable. 

Anyways, this is getting a little touchy now, so I’ll stop here. Just remember everything that I said in this letter and whatever you do, remember I always have your back.

I’m leaving you a photo of me from right now … just a refresher on how cute Snapchat filters are! I’m also leaving you a photo you probably still have of when you were a baby. Just to remind you how cute I was.



Oh, and don’t forget…be happy.



Hi everyone! I'm Reina Mori and I am a current sophomore at Johnson and Wales University. I currently study Baking and Pastry Arts/ Food Service Management. I am a proud Hermana of Sigma Lambda Upsilon/Señoritas Latinas Unidas Sorority, Inc. I am from New Jersey currently living in Rhode Island! I work at Vicotria's Secret and sadly, I love to spend all of my money there. I have the worlds cutest dog named Bailey. She's an Australian Cattle Dog who LOVES food just as much as I do. A few things I like to do for fun is cooking, playing field hockey, shopping, and being around my friends. A fun fact about me is that I am absolutely terrible when it comes to introducing myself.