Why I Started Watching Black Mirror and Why You Should Too

I was hesitant to start watching Black Mirror. I heard it was great and I knew it was critically acclaimed, but something was holding me back. Maybe the concept seemed weird or the first episode made me steer clear (seriously, consider skipping the first episode), but whatever it was, I’m glad I got over it.


I spent most of last weekend watching Black Mirror or thinking about Black Mirror because the topics they explore, seemingly far-fetched topics, are closer to us than we think. I found myself hooked barely into season 1 and it’s for a couple of different reasons…


1. The Actors


This British show knows how to pick some winners. You’ll come across several actors who you know from one or two past movies or shows, and you’ll be reminded how awesome they are. Love “How I Met Your Mother?” The mother is in it! Are you obsessed with “Get Out?” Daniel Kaluuya is in it too. Each new episode is filled with hidden gems; the show has proven to be an excellent launching pad for aspiring actors and it won’t let you down.


2. The Topics


There are some crazy topics that are explored throughout the show. I assure you that you’ll never get bored; after being done with the show you’ll probably even crave something more concrete and stable. They dive into infidelity, sexuality, extinction, and more broadly, the future.


3. Character Development


If you’re someone who loves character development as much as I do, you will love this show. Each episode acts as a jam-packed, mini movie with its main characters evolving through each trial and tribulation. With the events and conflict being so front and center, it’s a wonder that they have time to contribute to the development of the characters, but somehow they find a way. “San Junipero” is the epitome of character development, 10/10 recommend.


4. The Reality


While the topics may seem too far-fetched to get into, you’re reminded time and time again that they’re super realistic. A major plot line in “Hated in the Nation” is that bees go extinct for crying out loud!! Or, as seen in several episodes throughout the series, new technology comes out that alters lives; like basically having a hard drive of past memories or playing a video game that doubles as an alternate reality. The truth is it’s listed as a sci-fi television series, but I would argue that in 100 years or so, the show may be a reality series.

Please consider watching it because it’s the perfect cure for boredom on a cold, wintery night, trust me! Disclosure: some of the material in this show is pretty heavy and dark, so I really only recommend this if that’s something you like or are prepared for.