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The Truth About Your Major

Since day one of FROG week, we have all been defined by the oh-so-familiar question, “What is your major?” But what does your answer really mean? After being at JMU for awhile, you start to see the trends. Your friend starts to complain about his “COB” homework, or your roommate is frantically trying to find inspiration for their next sketchbook entry. Sometimes it’s hard to understand what everyone is going through. Here’s a look into the truth about each college major here at JMU.


Any and all of those who find that their second home is known as ‘Showker,’ this means you. I’m not really sure what happens in that building, but I don’t want to know. You are the people who basically never sleep and run on coffee. When it comes to business casual attire though—your game is on “fleek.” The words “benchmark” and “300” send chills throughout your body, and you know why.


Goodbye social life, hello clinicals. Let’s face it, if Greek life didn’t exist, you would still have your own “group” on campus. On one side, all of the guess work about courses to take is gone so you don’t have to choose. The downside?… no one said it was going to be easy. By senior year those purple scrubs become a constant reminder of the countless hours you have spent reading some GRAPHIC textbooks while your friends were busy practicing keg stands.


You’re really into Adobe programs, you love pressing buttons, or you’re ready to spark your career as a hard-hitting journalist. SMAD is the “catch all” for those that are creative, but not artsy, and committed, but not willing to give up their social lives. Harrison hall starts to grow on you after a while, and being behind a computer for hours doesn’t seem to phase you anymore. However, you basically dread the question, “What’s your major?” at family gatherings because that means you have to sit them down and explain what ‘SMAD’ stands for and that you have a concentration in…blah, blah, blah. You know the drill.  


The rest of us are pretty much waiting for you to end up on The Voice like Ryan Sill so we have some claim to fame. Go for that Grammy…Beck did!


We all wonder what really goes on in that box behind those huge windows. Is that a jungle gym? You’d never know unless you’re an art major. You always have the best Instagrams of your recent artwork, and your dorm/apartment is straight out of a Pinterest article. Crafty is an understatement to describe you… and if you’re wondering why there are no more colored pencils or watercolors left at Michaels, its because the art majors got there early.

Political Science

Yep, you’re the person that proudly wears the “I voted” sticker on any election day and you probably have one too many posts about current happenings in the U.S. government, but hey, at least you take pride in our country. Chances of you becoming the next president—slim to none. BUT with that kind of opinionated spirit, we just might see you on t.v. one day leading a protest or even on the local news running for mayor (queue the patriotic music).

Hospitality Management

You all are the people who are forced to work in dining halls after spending hours on end in Godwin. Lucky for you, you get credit WHILE getting paid, and to be honest you probably get to take the most fun classes (i.e. cooking) Snack time during class? You win.


Just like nursing, your whole course load is determined for you. However, your life gets just a little more complicated because instead of just learning, you are learning to teach. Some days it might seem impossible, between the tri fold boards and glue sticks, but hang in there! One day you will be responsible for cultivating knowledge and creativity for the youth of our nation…and be the center of attention for presents a week out of every year (and it won’t even be your birthday)!


Be honest, you didn’t know what else to do. It’s okay, we all wish we were you at some point in college. Sure, you might seem like you just want to hear about your friend’s day, but soon enough you are analyzing why they decided to ignore that guy’s text… Next thing you know, you’re diagnosing all of your friends as manic depressives and there’s no going back.


All ISAT/ Phys. Chem./ HHS dwellers, this means you. If you EVER need graph paper or a calculator, these people have got your back. Sure you might complain about the countless hours you spend watching YouTube videos on how to figure out a three-page math problem, or constantly use “I have a makeup lab” as your excuse for not going out, but the honest truth of it is, you are getting a six-figure (and up) salary right out of college. Also, you’re in the best shape of your life thanks to the ISAT steps. You do you!


Three words: public speaking expert. Interviews don’t phase you because once you walk into a room, your charm and charisma land you that job/ internship! You are that person who can make friends with anyone and everyone, and you do. So what if you don’t know anyone at the bus stop, you’ll have made plans for dinner by the time you get off at the next stop.

Foreign Language

Alright we get it, you’re worldly. Basically, you’re that person who is going to: a) move somewhere overseas the second you get the chance, or b) work for a company doing international relations with a huge corporation. Either way, you automatically seem more cultured than the rest of us.

English/ Writing

‘Bibliophile’ is basically the one word you relate to most. If you’re not nose deep in a novel, then you’re on your tablet searching for free books you can binge on. If you’re more of the writing type, well let’s just say there aren’t enough journals in the world to contain your thoughts. You know a good quality pen when you see one and the smell of old books at library gives you that sense of home.

Hey everyone! I'm Megan, a senior at James Madison University pursuing a double major in the School of Media Arts and Design (with a concentration in journalism) and political science, and a minor in political communication. I am an avid Netflix viewer, obsessed with breakfast foods, and a yogi-- queue the headstand. I love to read news and stay up to date with all things pop culture...and I also love to write, go figure! Due to extreme wanderlust, I am always on the move, and I look forward to traveling the world and whatever comes with it. Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments you have. Enjoy! 
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