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Late New Year Resolutions

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It’s now mid-February and if you’re like me, you either didn’t make new year resolutions or you’ve already caved. But don’t fret! Here are some simple resolutions that you can easily complete within the year (and you don’t have to give up anything):

Take time for yourself

It seems like a cheesy notion, but this doesn’t have to be redoing your skincare routine or deleting all of social media (unless you want to, go right ahead). It’s about the small parts of the day, lying on the bed and listening to music for fifteen minutes a day, or taking a nap before starting your work. Going too fast can cause burnout, leaving room for getting sick or lacking motivation, so evaluate when you can carve out time for yourself.

Watch a show/film outside your wheelhouse

Expanding your knowledge of entertainment is important. Try and watch a film or show you normally wouldn’t pick up, whether that be because of the genre or the style. If you need recommendations, ask a friend or trusty Google. And in the end, if you didn’t like it, you can at least say you tried it.

Say yes to something that scares you

Okay, now first off do NOT say yes to anything that you don’t want to do. If you are uncomfortable with the thought of something, then listen to your gut and don’t do it.

This is for those small moments, for people who would like to try new things. Thinking about trying the new restaurant? Get something small from there and work up to the large entree. Not sure about hanging out with a new group of friends? Invite them to lunch. Take small steps.

Push back

Of course, the opposite of saying yes to something is saying no. If you’re not into confrontation, it can be hard to say no when someone asks you to do something for them. You may feel guilty about letting someone down or maybe you said you’d do something, but it’s just not possible anymore. It’s okay to go back and tell them no, and you don’t need to explain or justify yourself.

Reach out to someone you haven’t talked to in a while

You’d be surprised about how many people you just haven’t talked to in a while. It doesn’t mean you’ve fallen out, things have just gotten busy. Pick up that phone and email/text/call them, see how they’re doing. Maybe they needed someone to reach out to them that day or maybe you’ll be able to rekindle a friendship.

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