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How To: Watermelon Jell-O Slices

What would you say if I suggested a spin on watermelon, a summertime favorite, for the likes of college students? Whether you’re a fan or not, you are sure to love this treat which will be perfect for the last weekends of spring semester. It’s tasty AND portable…Wanna make a guess? 
Here is what you need:
4 3oz Boxes of Red Jell-O (This could be cherry, strawberry, or watermelon)
2 1oz Boxes of Unflavored Gelatin
4 Cups of Vodka (Which measures out to be about a bottle & ¼)
1 12-16lb. Watermelon
From here you will need to carve out the fruity inside, and then replace it with you mixed ingredients. As always, give your Jell-O time to mold, and WAHLAH, you have your cute slices that will pack a punch! Enjoy.
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