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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at JMU chapter.


Yes we all know, waking up in the morning is difficult. Unless you’re the rare breed of early risers, the majority of the population is still asleep at 6 in the morning.

As for me, I have the unfortunate college schedule of having 8 am’s every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. This series of unfortunate events has led me to gather the best tips and tricks when surviving 8 am’s.


Step 1:

Go to bed by MIDNIGHT

I can’t stress this one enough. I understand, “one more episode” is a real syndrome, but sometimes we gotta put our foot down ladies. I’ve had times where I was struggling doing homework in the early hours of 1 or 2 am. And let me tell you, I could not tell you what I learned in my 8 am to save my life. Going to bed at most by 12 will assure that you’ll get at least enough hours of sleep to not be a walking corpse the next day.


Step 2:

Eat something before class

I get it, I get it, sometimes waking up super early in the morning, we’re not always hungry for a full meal. But just grabbing a simple granola bar or fruit will help wake you up and get your brain started for the day. Don’t question it, it’s SCIENCE!


Step 3:

coffee, Coffee, COFFEE

I don’t know about you, but I cannot function without some coffee. I never thought I turn into the mugs that say, “don’t talk to me before I have my coffee,” but I’m at that point. The one thing I know that will get me through anything is coffee. Especially during my 8 am. So if you’re like me, sip up sweetie!


Step 4:

Wake up by 6 am

This allocates enough time to be fully awake, time to get ready and travel time. Yes, 6am is hard, but getting to class on time is more important.


With these 4 simple steps, hopefully it will make your 8am mornings easier and your classes better. And maybe one day give you clear skin and cure cancer!


Lexie is a marketing & music gal, who enjoys listening to Taylor Swift, drinks an alarming amount of cold brew & loves going to concerts!