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How I Mastered a Rainy Saturday

I don’t know about all of you, but I love school.  I always have something going on and for the most part it’s all fun stuff!  Unfortunately if you’re as busy as I am, and you throw in midterms, game days, semi formals, and everything else- you realize you’re two weeks out from Thanksgiving and completely drained.  I wanted nothing more than to go home this weekend to hang out with my parents and my brothers, but I live too far away and with break being around the corner it wasn’t logical.


But waking up today was great- for the first time all semester I had absoloutley nothing I had to do.  No tailgates, no projects, no commitments to go out of town- nothing.  I had nothing to do on a very cold rainy Saturday.  I honestly couldn’t have asked for nothing more.


I started the day with breakfast with my boyfriend, a nice warm bowl of oatmeal at the diner was exactly what I needed.  When we got back to my house, it was only 10:30- unintentional early start.  

I then decided to hang out in my bed for a while, which ended up turning into a 4 hour cuddle puddle with my puppy (gosh, I am NOT getting enough sleep).

After waking up and having a snack while catching up on all the Grey’s Anatomy I’ve been missing, I went to the supermarket with my boyfriend.

Now I know, relaxing weekend days don’t include going food shopping.  But we wanted to make tacos and honestly we had fun running through the rain into the store.


We came home, had a nice FaceTime with my dad and cooked the tacos. Tacos were bomb, food coma set in.  


Now as for the rest of my evening, I’m going to relax, have a cup of tea and enjoy my extra hour of sleep.



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