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Gift Guide: Bookworm Edition

We all have that friend who would rather turn pages than binge watch reality TV shows on Netflix. Here are a few gift ideas that are sure to please every book junkie (some are so cute, you may want to save them for yourself!)


1. This tote is the perfect gift for every fan of The Great Gatsby. It can be purchased here.

2. A cute mug. Because who doesn’t like to curl up with their favorite drink and a good book?

3. Wall art for every Shakespeare lover.

4. This Edgar Allen Poe phone case for poetry lovers.

5. A pretty journal is a great gift to encourage aspiring authors and inspire avid readers.

6. This Etsy shop makes infinity scarves and gloves in text prints for various books including Romeo and Juliet, Alice Wonderland, and Jane Eyre. Make your favorite novel a fashion statement!


7. These bookends are perfect for book and music lovers. They will make organizing novels easier and will liven up shelf space.

8. This caddy is the perfect accessory to help every book lover relax. There is even a compartment for a wine glass and candle!

Senior double majoring in Psychology and Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communication. Lover of thick duvet covers, homemade soup, untouched snow, and all things literary. 
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