5 Steps to a More Fulfilling Life

Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines “fulfillment” as “the achievement of something desired, promised, or predicted.” According to this definition, a fulfilling life is the achievement of the life you want or the life you think you’re supposed to have. I want to stop right here and tell you that our lives have so many unique features that we can’t possibly have the same life as someone else--and that’s perfectly fine! In my opinion, having a more fulfilling life is about getting the most out of the life you have, not trying to copy someone else’s.


So, how can I provide a template for you to achieve a more fulfilling life when it is so different for everyone? Well let’s just say these are more like guidelines than actual rules. Give them a try. They will either work, or they will help you figure out what will work for you.


1)      Invest some time in finding out what makes you happy:

Don’t you dare think about anyone else in regards to this step. You are the only consideration. What makes you smile to yourself when you’re all alone? What makes you feel like there is nothing else you’d rather do and nowhere else you’d rather be? If you honestly and truly can’t think of a single thing, this is the most important step for you. Take the time to find out what makes you deeply happy.

2)      Do something for yourself every day:

Buy a bath bomb and take a nice long soak until your fingers look like prunes and your skin feels like a million bucks. Watch a movie that makes you smile. Go on a walk or hike and revel in being closer to nature, in feeling the crisp air fill up your lungs. No matter what it is, take the time every single day to show yourself that you are amazing and loved and worth it.


3)      Invest some time in your relationships:

If there is anyone toxic in your life, let them go right now. I’m serious. You’ll be better off for it. Take some time to think about which relationships matter most to you. Go grab coffee or lunch with them. Focus on being there in the moment, listening to what they have to say, and reciprocating. Too many people have superficial friendships and conversations because they think that they don’t have time in their busy lives to really connect with people. I’m here to tell you that this is a lie and you will not regret following this step.

4)      Reflect on your future:

This does not mean you should obsess over charting out a five-year plan. This just means that you should be conscious of your hopes, aspirations, and dreams. As with all things in life, there should be a balance in your pursuit of all future endeavors. In a nutshell, slaving away for that fancy job that pays well enough for you to have everything your little heart desires may not bring you the sense of fulfillment you crave. Be aware of your goals and take steps toward making them happen without making yourself completely miserable all the time.


5)      Make memories, not excuses:

I know it can be hard to go out and do things when you have homework to do or when you didn’t get enough sleep and are in desperate need of a nap. But face it, in a few years you won’t feel the pleasure of that nap or see the direct results of that specific assignment. Instead, go out on an adventure. You’ll remember that in a few years and you’ll smile when you recall those breathtaking sights or that time someone made you laugh so much your cheeks hurt. Don’t waste today worrying about tomorrow; live for today so that the memories you make are what get you through tomorrow.