4 Free Apps for Tracking Your Period

Alright ladies, let’s get down to business. Periods suck, at least in my experience. And if you’ve read my previous article about the Depo shot, you’ll know that I only get my periods once every three months.  This can be a blessing, but it can also a curse if you want to stay up-to-date on your cycle, like me.  Thankfully, with modern technology, this can all be done on your phone! So today friends, I’m going to share with you four useful apps for tracking your period that are totally free.

1. Period Tracker Lite 

I’m pretty sure this was the first period app I ever used, and I must say that my favorite part was its simplicity and user-friendly design! With a simple tap, you can keep track of when your period starts and ends, and in the calendar view you can see at what points during the month you ovulate, are fertile, and choose to keep track of what days you engage in sex. This is great for anybody who uses the natural, calendar method of birth control instead of contraceptives. The app is free but you can choose to pay extra for bonus features such as mood and symptom charts.

 2. Clue Period Tracker

The first thing I noticed right away is that Clue gives you the option to share your cycle with others/view others’ cycles if they give you an invite. Though I personally probably wouldn’t use this feature, if you like this concept then it’s definitely the app for you! Like Period Tracker Lite, this app keeps track of your period length, ovulation, and fertile periods. However, you can also record additional symptoms like your flow, pain, sleep, mood, and even whether or not you had a bad hair day!

 3. Flo 

The third app I’ll be mentioning is Flo, and I gotta say, after checking this one out I might be making a switch! The design is very user-friendly and right on the home page it tells you the day of your cycle, how many steps you’ve taken that day (I assume it connects to the Fitbit app!), and what your chances are of getting pregnant are that day. Once again – this is a great app for anyone who uses a calendar method of birth control rather than contraceptives! The app also features “Health Insights” and an in-depth daily log to track your symptoms, which the app can analyze for you!

4. Eve 

The last app I’ll be talking about is Eve, which is the period app I’ve been using for months! What I love the most about Eve is its social media aspects. There’s a “community” tab that has forums and polls which encourage supportive, sex-positive discussion! In the calendar view you can look at the length of your period; however, I do not think it shows you your ovulation or fertility periods (or at least, I haven’t found it yet). There are lots of “gems” you can explore in the app such as daily polls, quizes, and more. Sometimes it can get a little overwhelming, so this may not be the app for you if you like simplicity. Overall, though, I love the responses the app gives me after I’ve made a daily log and I’ve overall been really happy with the app.

I hope you found this article useful and find a period app that works for you and your cycle!