Why You Should Go To The 32nd St Farmers Market Next Weekend

Just a ten-minute walk from campus, the 32nd St. Market, or ‘the Market’ is a great way to get off campus every weekend, no uber required. Head down East University toward Waverly, and the market is on the corner of East 32nd and Barclay St, behind the orange ‘W,’ you can’t miss it. The Market runs year-round on Saturdays from 7:00 am to 12:00 pm, so don’t let the winter weather get in the way of your shopping. If that sounds a little early, don’t worry, they sell amazing coffee and the trip is well worth it.  

Founded in 1980, the Market is a local organization connecting farm-fresh produce, baked goods, flowers as well as other artisanal items to Baltimoreans from all backgrounds. The mission of the Market is to connect local vendors to underserved Baltimore communities. Membership donations and space rental fees go solely toward operating costs (in other words, it is a completely non-profit organization dedicated to bringing fresh food into the community and helping local artisans and farmers). Shopping at the market isn’t only healthy for you, it’s a great way to support the community and the environment-remember to bring your reusable grocery bags, though.

The Market connects patrons to over 50 vendors. In the summer, and early fall all of the produce and flowers sold at the Market is locally grown. In the winter some produce is supplemented from out-of-state, just ask the individual vendor where they source their produce from, they’ll be happy to tell you.  Not only does the market offer amazing grocery and produce items that you can prepare yourself, but it’s also full of vendors that offer yummy prepared foods (the empanadas are a personal favorite). Local favorites Zeke’s Coffee and Dangerously Delicious also have booths. Locally made soaps and candles are also available for purchase and make the perfect gift for out-of-town friends--or that professor who just wrote you a letter of rec for med school. Vendors change from season to season, so there is always something new to try. You can check out a full, current map here. Pro Tip: There are ATMs on site and many vendors accept credit, but sometimes cash is just easier.

The Market’s website offers more than just a map of the current vendors, it also supplies charts indicating which fruits and vegetables are in season and offers opportunities to get involved. For just $20.00 a year you can attend local meetings, elect board members, and vote on the allocation of funds. First time members also receive a free T-shirt. Getting involved as more than just a patron is a great way to break out of the Hopkins bubble and show your support for the local community!