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Why I’m Excited for My Summer Internship

          As the semester finally ends and summer approaches, we’ve finally made it to another great time of year – internship season. Depending on the internship, this can be super exciting or the start of a very long summer for many college students. I’ve had internships before that, while very educational and great experience, did not end up being quite like what I want to do after college. Now that I’m heading into my senior year I finally have an opportunity to have an internship I’m pumped about and that can help me get a better idea of what my future will look like. This year I’m working at Under Armour at their Baltimore Headquarters all summer long.


          As a textile student with a focus in sports materials, being able to spend twelve weeks with one of the biggest athletic wear brands in the country is almost unbelievable to me, even though the position has been official for months now. I’m excited to do work for a company I truly enjoy. I’m excited to see how the innerworkings of a sports apparel company are. I’m ready to work as hard as I can as an intern, helping as much as I can in any way possible. I’m also really excited to be in a program with lots of other interns – being able to meet new people and spend some of the best months of the year with them is bound to be a blast. I’m excited to have a position that is so important to me and that is more than just a position that will look great on a resume. I’m ready to spend my summer absorbing all of the knowledge I can, while also getting involved and having a lot of fun. Even just writing this article is making me smile because I just can’t wait to get started. 


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Kellyn Kemmerer

Jefferson '19

Senior Textile Materials Technology student from a small town in Northeastern Pennsylvania. You can find her watching Food Network or funny cat videos, making lengthy Spotify playlists, window shopping, writing, and reading.
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