What's in my Gym Bag? GYM ESSENTIALS

As an avid gym-goer, I have to fit it into my busy class schedule along with setting aside time to get myself ready once I finish my workout so I’m not a hot mess going to places. I’ve been looking for products that work for me and that I can utilize for my busy schedule. These are the products that I consider ESSENTIALS for the gym but that can also be used just for on the go! e.l.f. products are one of my favorites because they are inexpensive and are always coming out with new products. Especially since this active line came out, I have been solely relying on e.l.f. products because it works for my sensitive skin.

Extra Pair of Clothes


When I have to go to class afterwards I usually bring what I’m wearing for the day so I can change into them after my workout.  

Big Water Bottle

This might be crazy but I feel this crazy obligation to drink it all if I have a bigger water bottle. I usually carry around a 1-1.5 L water bottle. There’s no motive to get rid of it as quickly but it surprisingly does the complete opposite. Finishing it off gives me more of a motivation to fill it up again and see how long it takes me to finish it again. These products can be found at a drugstore or a walmart and they also can be ordered online! I did link the e.l.f. products because it does depend on what stores carry what active brand products.

A Little Snack

My friends always consider me “the mom” of the group because I always have snacks on me. Since I do have a dairy allergy, I have an abundance of snacks in my room that cuts the stress in half if I can’t find anything in the dining hall. For the gym, I bring just one snack that at max I eat 15 minutes before my workout. You should always drink a little bit of water and have something small to eat before class because it’ll give you the needed energy to get a good workout in. This snack is usually fruit or a granola bar depending on what I am feeling but it’s never something heavy or high in sugar. Don’t get me wrong I do love sugar, but I was taught playing sports that eating something like candy before a strenuous activity will make you crash after a limited amount of time.

Headphones and Back-Up Headphones

On occasion, I do listen to music while I workout so I always keep a pair of headphones in my bag. Just in case, I also have another pair of headphones if I ever lose my main ones.

Little Beauty Bag

In my little beauty bag I have all of my face essentials because they are easy to grab and are portable. Also who doesn’t love travel size packaging?!


e.l.f. Shine Eraser - Oil Blotting Sheets

e.l.f.’s Oil blotting sheets are the unsung heroes for my skin. I like to use them after the gym or when I start to sweat throughout the day to make sure I don’t have excess oil on my face that’ll cause my face to break out.

Garnier SkinActive Micellar Water All-in-1 Waterproof (Full size, $6.99 / Travel size, $3.49)

The Micellar water is something I’ve been carrying around even before I started routinely going to the gym. I have the bigger size for taking off my makeup in my dorm and I carry the smaller size in my backpack that I use when I’m on the go. My face feels so clean after using this to take off my makeup! Using the cleanser requires me to carry cotton balls/pads as well. They’re so essential in taking off my makeup.

e.l.f. ACTIVE - Post-Workout Cleansing Body Wipes ($3)

You don’t have to listen to any of my other opinions, but THIS PRODUCT IS A GAME CHANGER. I’m not even talking about the gym, they are essential if you need to freshen up or even take your makeup off, these feel great against my skin and smell amazing! I sometimes don’t even have to put on deodorant if I wipe my underarms because it takes over (disclaimer! Depends on the person and how strong deodorant/spray you use). For gym purposes, I use this right after my workout and I wipe my face and neck, arms, underarms and near my cleavage area where sweat usually builds up. They’re not sticky on my skin and it feels very refreshing and I didn’t see any skin irritation which is AWESOME! I’ve honestly seen a difference in my skin. It’s softer and I feels very clean and refreshed. I workout in the mornings before my first class and after using these I am very comfortable going to class afterwards. 100% would recommend.  

e.l.f. ACTIVE - Post-Workout Cool Down Mist ($8)

I LOVE this spray! It’s a cool down mist and I use it if my face is really red after my workout. It smells amazing and feels really nice against my skin after a workout. This can also be used before a workout to and it can keep your makeup intact. I don’t feel comfortable wearing makeup when I workout so I only use it post-workout. To attest to using it before, I did by unintentionally use this pre-workout when I first got it. I didn’t take my makeup off that well and I wanted to try it out. After my HIIT class I went to the bathroom and did actually see that the leftover face makeup stayed intact and didn’t look affected. I have very sensitive skin and for me personally I didn’t experience any irritation/reaction. Again, If you know your skin I wouldn’t go attempting something that you feel uneasy about. I would recommend this for just general use as well!  

e.l.f. ACTIVE - Workout Ready Hydration Stick ($8)

Oh my this product is up there with the other two, I would highly recommend. I use this for a quick moisturizer after I clean my face post-workout. The balm is not sticky and dried very quickly. It has a nice scent and is perfect when you’re on the go! It also feels awesome against your skin afterwards! I swipe it on my cheekbones, sides of my face near my eyebrows and the bridge of my nose. I haven’t experienced any pore clogging as well so thumbs up on this product!  

Travel Size Body Spray

After using the wipes, I always spray myself just to make sure there isn’t no lingering smells of sweat. I keep my favorite scent in my bag to keep myself smelling good at all times!

Hair Brush/Hair Accessories

Hair brush is SO ESSENTIAL. I for one have very knotty hair after a workout from laying on a mat along with my baby hair sticking up afterwards so I use a brush to tame it. Hair ties are self-explanatory and doesn’t need an introduction because they are a essential. links: