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Warm Weather Woes

With the weather getting warmer (…if Philadelphia could make up its mind) we can finally, hopefully, kiss some of that seasonal depression goodbye.

However, someone out there please help those of us who are still shuddering at the thought of being in bikinis or short shorts due to the weight we’ve gained, the scars we bare, or the disgusting uncomfortableness we feel within ourselves.

Thanks to the sunnier days, we can stop feeling like we're living in our mood that has consumed us in the past months. Cold, dark, gloomy, our own personal raincloud has seemingly drenched not only us but all of campus as well. All of course is what is wanted, but alas as we near spring break and summertime the social calendars begin to fill and, oh what's that? anxiety just called to say that she will be preventing you from attending.

It’s a weird thing you know, to be experiencing all of these emotions just based on the weather outside or the forecast that is yet to come. The warmer days we’ve had feels like kisses on my cheeks that have just been drenched from...well, I couldn’t really tell at one point if it were the rain from the sky or the tears falling from my eyes… but you get the point.

For those of you reading this who know exactly what it's like to feel this way, I hope you get nothing but support and strength from those around you.

For those reading who may be the “those around you,” be mindful of what your loved ones might’ve been or may be going through as the seasons begin to change.


Thanks for reading and happy Spring!