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Hello there! I hope you are doing well!

Whoever is reading this, I want you to know that you are worthy. You are beautiful, kind, and brilliant. You radiate light and good vibes. You are doing the best you can and that’s exactly how it should be! You are so loved and are capable of amazing things!

Recently, I have been going through some major changes. Between my love going to the military, stress with school, and migraines… I have also been taking a lot of time to appreciate myself. I’ve been creating, earning, and growing. More importantly, I am learning how to truly love myself.

Sometimes the world feels like a helpless place, and when I feel that way, I like to do something for myself. I hope you too can find the positive things in your life, and I want you to know you are so loved. Please take the time to appreciate yourself! Like is too short not to!

Here are some things I’ve been doing that has helped me become more center when I am anxious, stressed out, or having negative thoughts about my life, body, and goals. Also please note I think everyone can read this and take away whatever they choose with it! Find things that make YOU happy:) And do something for yourself EVERYDAY!


  1. SELF CARE/ PAMPERING YOURSELF I’m talkin facemasks, plucking my unibrow type vibe. hot showers + 20 second freezing showers, massaging your face (I have been in love with watching face massage techniques and it has been great!), drinking your favorite tea, putting on your favorite show or movie or artist and just relaxxxxxing. Try not to rush through this process!! You will feel so great after I promise!
  2. STAYING ACTIVE When I am not attending zoom university, I have been realizing that working out helps me sleep better and pushes me to focus on my body and mind while connecting the two. I recommend working out however it is convenient for you. Whether that’s going on walks, attending Jefferson’s Yoga Class Monday and Wednesdays, or lifting! I think finding what works best for you is the best + I’ve noticed taking walks is great to just let go of useful energy and get some fresh air!
  3. LOVE YOURSELF I don’t know what it is, but I realized like 3 months ago that I never really looked at myself in the mirror anymore. I eventually realized that I wanted to take better care of myself and wanted to be able to look at myself and feel confident and center as a whole. I’ve noticed since I started taking better care of my body (through food, sleep, and love) AS WELL AS canceling all negative thoughts in my mind, I gained some of this confidence back I somehow lost. I’ve been walking with my chin higher than before, even on my worst days. I’ve realized that although I’ve reached some of my goals, I’m still not completely there. SELF LOVE AND APPRECIATION can be a process for most! NEVER GIVE UP. Thank you for reading <3
Jordan Greco

Jefferson '22

Hello, my name is Jordan! I am a nursing student who loves the beach, music, and cheesesteaks!
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