The Start of a New Decade

Happy New Year to whoever is reading this! It is now 2020, and most of us have already started our first week of classes for the second term of school. The sound of the title itself sounds like an action movie, I’m not sure why...but I’m personally getting Zombieland vibes. Kidding. But the sound of a new decade leaves so much imagination that I feel like anything is possible. Most of us were only kids at the beginning of the decade, and now there is so much ~adulting~ to do. I’m definitely not complaining. A lot happened in 2019, and the new year is very refreshing.

Since it is the start of the new decade and year, there is a lot of things that we should consider. Our happiness, health, and overall well-being are really important for us to reflect on. I agree that it is always good to be spontaneous at times, and live in the moment. I like to think that everything happens for a reason but to be able to reflect, feel, and let go; that is the key to a clearer self.

For me, 2019 was a big year for my own mental health growth. I had a lot of high highs and low lows. I caught myself so many times overthinking, causing myself to panic over the things I couldn’t control. I struggled in school at times and was really hard on myself when I didn’t succeed. I’ve always struggled with migraines, but I was bringing myself to the point of stress-induced migraines where I lost vision and feeling for hours on end (do not worry I am okay.) What I am trying to say, is that I can imagine we all had intense obstacles and decisions we all had to cross in 2019, I had several. But, being able to grow from that is the biggest empowerment anyone can make. I mean seriously, give yourself some credit. Life isn’t always easy, fun, or fair. But we can try our best to see the light in every situation, and that is my hope for 2020 and this decade. I wish everyone reading this the greatest happiness.


Keep coming back for more articles every week this semester and together we can continue to grow into our best selves. Xo