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At this point, Spotify playlists are a new hobby of mine, I just naturally make a new one every month or so. I even made a playlist specifically dedicated towards my sentiments towards organic chemistry. Nevertheless, I’ve also found some great songs (unrelated to my orgo feelings) this semester, varying in language, genre, and vibe:

  1. Lagi – Skusta Clee 
    • Specifically, only the cover by Noah Raquel
    • Also check out Noah Raquel’s music on YouTube, his voice, *chef’s kiss*
  2. Angel by Chancellor & TAEYEON
  3. Jail by Kanye West
  4. Love Robbery by Kalin & Myles
  6. Kannazhaga – The Kiss of Love – Anirudh Ravichander
  7. Meet Me at Our Spot – WILLOW, THE ANXIETY, Tyler the Creator 
    • Willow’s voice *chefs kiss*
  8. Close to Me – Laica
  9. Restless – BIBI
    • BIBI’s songs are another level
  10. MIMI- youra
  11. At Your Best (You are Love) – Aaliyah
  12. Tell Me (What is Love) – D.O., YOO YOUNGJIN
  13. beside you – keshi
    • I would like to say I was on the keshi train long before his well-deserved fame.
  14. When Dawn Comes Again – Colde, BAEKHYUN
  15. Walking in The Rain – Chancellor, Younha

Enjoy, and if you wanted a playlist with these songs and more click here!

Meeval Biju

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Hello hello, I'm a sophomore here at Jefferson University. I love music, science, and sleep!
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