PhilaU’s 1st Annual Health Fair

The Kanbar Performance center hosted PhilaU’s first ever annual health fair this Thursday, March 9th. Students did research on various topics such as, meal prep and ways to relax, and presented them to PhilaU students and staff.

This health fair was a great opportunity for the health science students to educate their friends on relevant health topics they might not know much about. The fair was divided into two sections: healthy living and nutrition. The side with nutrition covered things such as, the truth about gluten free diets and how to make healthy salads in Kanbar. One of the groups showed how to lose the dreaded Freshman 15 that many college students surfer from, while their poster covered unhealthy and healthy lifestyle choices, as well as, ways to keep track of what you eat.

On the healthy living side, topics like benefits of yoga and the benefits of hiking were covered. Hiking can help reduce anxiety and stress in addition to increasing attention spans and allowing individuals to “unplug from technology” as stated in the poster.  I found the poster on benefits of hiking very interesting because there are hiking trails around PhilaU like the Wissahickon Valley Park that is one of the places in Philly that can be a great place to hike. I have gone hiking before and I can testify that is a great experience as it is relaxing and a nice way to spend time with friends without having distractions of phones and laptops.

The middle of the performance center had tables set up with various displays and simulations available. One of the tables were giving out samples of natural lip balm and foundation while another table talked about blood pressure and took students blood pressure if they wanted. At the back was a table that talked about vegetarian and vegan diets.

For being the first ever health fair done by PhilaU, it was well done. It was very informative and it held a variety of information. The information they had was relevant to college students and I think it’s something that PhilaU students should stop by because they could learn something that might help them improve their health. If you didn’t have the chance to go this year, there’s always next year!