How to Chill Out for Finals Week

I have 5 simple tips that can help you really calm down from the stress of finals.

  1. 1. Tea

    The brand “Yogi” has a Kava tea that is soothing and spiced. It’s super yummy and definitely calms me down since kava supports relaxation and stress relief.

  2. 2. Crystals

    If I suggested one crystal to keep handy during finals week, it would be Fluorite. Fluorite absorbs negative energy and stress and encourages positivity, the perfect thing to carry around during this stressful week!

  3. 3. Yoga

    There are so many amazing yoga flows on YouTube, so you can do it in the comfort of your own room. Two of my favorites are just 10-minute flows… “Full Body Deep Stretch” and “Yoga for a Dull Moment”. Just incorporating some yoga into your day will make you feel great & your body will thank you!



  4. 4. Hot Shower & Music

    Make a playlist of your favorite tunes at the moment and hop in a hot shower. Taking hot showers are really good for your muscles since we tend to tense up around this time. Don’t be afraid to sing in the shower either. ;)

  5. 5. Self Care

    This can include anything ranging from face-masks to just more rest. Make sure you are treating your body well around this time of year, especially since it's cold and flu season! Wash your hands and drink tons of fluids… and maybe even indulge a doobie.