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We have officially entered the season of flu, COVID, and other viruses. Everyone says that little kids are entirely germ spreaders, but… we are too. As college students, if we are not sleeping, we are socializing and networking. But that seems like common sense for everyone, so let’s dig deeper into something college students tend to forget – germs on every single thing known to mankind that are invisible to the naked eye.

Look at it this way when you wash your hands to prepare for your dinner, your hands are
already contaminated, we all know that hence why we wash before eating. Then you go and
touch the top of your soap dispenser (assuming it’s not automatic). That is the first
contaminated site. Then you touch your sink handle, which is the second contaminated site. You
finish cleaning your hands and shut the contaminated sink. Well, there you go! Back to square
one with those contaminated hands. Now, of course, it’s not convenient and requires extra
thought, which we sometimes don’t want to do after a long day, so one way to keep ourselves
healthy is by committing to self-care hygiene regimens.

The flu is a contagious virus that affects most people every year around this time. Here are
some ways to help prevent these symptoms.

  • Not a lot of people talk about the power of raw ginger and fresh turmeric. This has been an ancient medicine throughout Asia specifically India. So, the next time you are in the grocery store pick up ginger and turmeric, chop it up, boil it in hot water, drain the broth into a cup, and drink all of the goodness in it.
  • Keep up with your Vitamins!!! It is so easy to lose focus on eating healthy as busy college students. A great way is to meal prep and get your greens and vitamins in.
  • This is a hard pill to swallow for academic weapons, but do NOT go to class if you are sick, you are only making it worse one student at a time, and take advantage of this opportunity to not go to class and rest up.
  • Lastly, sanitize your hands before you put your hands anywhere on your face or inside
    your mouth. There are thousands of hands that touch the same doors you touch in public. So the next time you decide to put a piece of gum with your hands without sanitizing after running errands just know that the gum is not the only thing going into your mouth.
Jasleen Multani

Jefferson '26

I am a Thomas Jefferson student majoring in Biochemistry.