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How to Get Through the End of the Semester


We’re almost there, so close yet so far away. Yes, I’m talking about the end of semester slump.

How do we beat it? Does it ever end?

Here are some things I use to help me get through the inevitable stress:

  1. Background Noise

I work best when I have some sort of background music. For the days when I can’t get off of campus or I need an escape, I use rainy mood or coffitivity for some background noise while I study. I highly recommend Billie Eilish’s new album ‘When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?’

  1. Skin Care

I have combination skin, so taking a break in between my studies and doing a face mask or using my rose water mist to help refresh and reset my face perks me up. I highly recommend the ‘Yes to’ facemask brand, the cucumber one is my favorite! Also, Mario Badescus’ rose water is a must have in my routine.

  1. Make a Study Routine!

One of the ultimate downfalls of studying is not knowing how to retain information. For me, I retain information over shorter periods of time and give myself a mini break in between to regroup and refer back to the information. Knowing when to study is key and pacing yourself everyday will help you get that A!

The jefferson team is welcoming, fun, and loving!
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