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We all have those moments when we’re bored at home with nothing to do. Watching TV may not be a solution because you don’t have any new shows to watch and scrolling on TikTok just seems like a waste of your time. Also, the weather may make it difficult to go out. Here are 5 ways that I love to spend my time doing when I’m bored!

  1. Doing a Puzzle

Puzzles are a great way to pass time while also getting a little mind workout. I love doing puzzles when I’m bored, especially when they have fun designs on them. My favorite puzzles are from Cra Z Art. I recently got a custom puzzle for my friend and we’re so excited to try it out!

  • Paint by Number

Personally, I love painting over drawing when I’m bored. I have this paint by number set that I got from Michaels that I’ve been working on. These sets are originally $15 but they’re always on sale! I think I got mine for about $7. These sets are so relaxing, but they require a lot of patience.

  • Baking

I love baking new things when I’m bored. The next thing I want to make off my list are iced lemon loaves! I find baking to be really fun, which I know is not the case for some people, but you could always start with something easier and then work your way up. The best part about baking is the sweet treat that you get rewarded with in the end. Another bonus is that it will have your house smelling delicious!

  • Read

Reading is something that I love to do even when I’m not bored! I think immersing yourself in a good book makes the time fly by. I love reading books that have a lot of plot twists because it keeps me engaged and wondering what will happen next.

  • Clean

Cleaning is a great thing to do when you’re bored! It’s very relaxing and it also keeps your space tidy. I love listening to music and cleaning my apartment. Something about wiping counters and scrubbing floors is just so calming. I always end my cleaning sprees by adding a fresh scent to a diffuser to tie it all together.

Riya Roy

Jefferson '24

Hi! I'm Riya, a Senior Pre-Med major at Jefferson! I'm from Northeast Philly and I've lived there my whole life. I enjoy reading, art, baking and binge watching Netflix! This year, I'm one of the Campus Correspondents for Her Campus Jefferson and I'm so excited!! Hope you enjoy my articles :)