Yes, Communications Majors Do Matter

What is your view on communication majors? What are the first thoughts that come to your mind when you think of communication classes?

Currently a freshman, I was planning to major in business marketing when I arrived at college. By second semester, I filled my schedule with business core classes and immediately knew something did not seem right. Realizing that I was interested in other areas of study for a major, I noticed and felt confident in my strengths through my communication and English classes. Currently self-employed in network marketing, I knew that communications could also help me continue on my path through my present job and excel after college. My goal was to communicate and network better with others in a personalized, unique way. I knew for a fact that I enjoyed writing, and interacting with others and I am always willing and excited to improve in all of these aspects. One day, I heard about this beautiful major called Integrated Marketing of Communications and immediately wanted to learn more. 

After two semesters of thinking every night about my major, I started officially saying that I was planning on switching my area of study to Integrated Marketing of Communications. Not long after, the negative comments and put-downs kept me up at night stressing. Some of the remarks were not only offensive but also communicated in a rude way. While I do respect others’ opinions, there are proper and respectful ways to disagree and state one’s opinion, and that is something that students can learn in different argument, debate, and speech classes, which are typically core topics for a communication major.

EVERY major has a purpose in this huge, thriving world of millions of people. NO, a communications major is NOT worthless. Communication majors have many options for jobs. For example, communications majors are known to also be able to have a career in human resource management, which is offered in the business tract at my university. The students with communication majors learn how to communicate effectively in many different ways. One example is through media, which has been constantly changing and improving all over the world. 

Here are some questions to ponder upon:

1.     How do you persuade others towards something you believe in? 

2.     How do you communicate with someone who is not doing his or her job efficiently or not being respectful? 

3.     How do you respectfully argue an opinion or fight for a belief or idea?

4.     How do you learn techniques to help ease nerves during a presentation or speech? 

5.     How do you develop better public speaking skills through constant practice? 

6.     How do you learn how to improve your writing to sound professional and concise? 

7.     What is distracting during a speech, phone call, everyday interaction, and business presentation?

8.     How do you learn how to personalize an experience and develop successful relationships with future coworkers in the work force?

9.     How do you market yourself and how do you uniquely stand out and express your personality in a respectful way?

10.   How do you network and make connections?

Many of these answers can be found and answered in communication classes and through communication practice. Yes, we have to think keep in mind the economy and jobs that are available, but we also have to keep in mind the strengths that others have and how they could potentially improve our world. Think about presidential rallies and debates. No matter if you like a certain politician or not, do you find yourself interested in listening to a monotone speaker who reads from a script or intrigued by someone who is expressive and entertaining? 

Yes, there ARE jobs out there! If communication works for you, do not think for one second there are no positives to the major. I cannot wait to delve into more communication classes to learn more of the skills I have listed above. I know I am genuinely happy when I think about the classes I will be taking next semester and already am thrilled to let my strengths be spread and communicated.