New Boler College of Business

The New Boler College of Business

    Following the end of the spring term John Carroll began flooding our emails with an exciting announcement for the John Carroll community. In my mind I assumed it was not going to be anything to drastic, just John Carroll making a big deal out of nothing, however that was not the case. In mid-May John Carroll announced their plans to rebrand the Boler School of Business into the Boler College of Business. What does this mean though?

    Now instead of John Carroll consisting of one college and one school, it now consists of two colleges and two new schools. The Boler College now consists of the School of Accountancy and Information Systems and the School of Leadership and Social Innovation. These two schools will help keep John Carroll competitive for years to come. It adds emphasis to the information technology necessary in the everyday business world, and allows for students to access their creative side and look for new innovations. This change is more than just the new T-Shirts, although they are cool.

    This new expansion was funded by the Boler family, the namesake of the school. They generously donated ten million dollars to fund the college. On top of that, other alumni and board members also donated money to make this step happen. As a university, John Carroll is now more competitive and allows its students more diversity in the areas they wish to study.