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JCU: Winter Wonderland or Frozen Hell?

It seems every day I find myself making some comment about the weather and how unbelievably cold it is outside. I know, I know, this is not an unusual thing for winter in the Midwest. If anything, it gives up hope for a possible snow day… although we have yet to see on of those this year. To top it all off, the VP of Student Affairs sent an email out to students on Thursday with the subject line, “Winter Safety Tips.”

Along with the texts sent out reading “weather alert,”—as if we were not aware of the frigid conditions and icy sidewalks—the mass email provided a detailed list containing several bullets under each suggestion to safely get through the season. While many students may have instantly deleted the message to make room for all of the other emails we all get in a day, my first question was, why now? These poor weather conditions are not new to JCU, as we have been powering through winter for months now. 

The kicker in the email was probably number five on the list, “Be prepared to fall,” followed by three bullets just to let students know the correct way to take a tumble as you struggle to and from class. Now I know we’re all young and some of us are more mature than others, but I hope that we all know how to walk by now. In all seriousness, it is important to stay bundled and drink responsibly when the temperature outside dips into the single digits. So stay upright on your way to class, and hopefully we’ll all make it through this next month  of cold weather together.

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