10 Things to do During Quarantine

With the recent quarantine, getting bored is super easy, so here is a list of ten things to do when you are bored during quarantine: 


1.   Get to the unread books in your book pile. There are two good things about this one, you finally will finish the never-ending pile on your bedside table. Two, after quarantine, you can officially get started on a new book pile. 

2.   Actually do all the school work you kept saying you’d “get to.” I get it, once you do the stuff required for the next day you are done, but now with some of that spare time, you can actually get ahead. 

3.   Do an arts and crafts project. You know those DIYs you see on Pinterest, and you think that’s cute, but who has the time, I might as well just go buy it. Well, now you can’t, so make it yourself! 

4.   Plan a Virtual Netflix Movie Party Night. With the new party feature, watching movies as a group is now 100% easier, now you can type as you all watch the movie at the same time, so no more fumbling around trying to hit play at the exact same time.

5.   Look into courses for next semester, registration is right around the corner. With all your free time, you might as well make sure you really like the classes you are going to take (with a new-found appreciation) for actually being on campus.

6.   Deep clean your childhood room. If your room is anything like mine, it is cluttered with old high school memorabilia, clothes you don’t actually wear, books you’ve already read, and stuff you really don’t need anymore. Take advantage of this time to clear the clutter and transition your room into a comfortable space.

Meredith Kress-Bedroom Decor 7.   Visit online art collections. Many art galleries post the entirety of their collection online, so why not take some time to enjoy the arts?

8.   Make a Netflix bucket list and catch up. Not that I was that big into TV in high school, but I always had my go-to shows. Something I did not anticipate about college was how little time I would have to watch my favorite shows, so now is the perfect opportunity to catch up. 

9.  Try an online yoga class, keeping active while staying inside all day, but take advantage of free online courses that you can follow in the comfort of your own home. 


10. Reach out to friends and family often. During this time of isolation, it may begin to feel lonely, but we are literally all in the same boat. Plus, they may have some ideas about what to do when you are bored!

The time will pass by quicker if we are doing productive things to help keep our lives on track. Remember to wash your hands and stay six feet apart from others at all times! Stay healthy and happy, JCU!