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A few weeks ago, my old high school contacted a group of alumni, which I was included in, to come and answer questions and share experiences about college to the upcoming graduating seniors. I was excited but anxious at the same time because I wasn’t sure how this was going to work out.

The curious students began asking so many questions about what to expect, but one in particular stood out the most. “Did high school prepare you for college?”. This question actually made me think and my answer was no. High school and college are two completely different experiences. Yes, in high school I was an honor graduate and took my share of AP classes, so that was a little boost I guess, but overall high school is a cakewalk compared to college.

The teachers, the students, the classroom and size, the campus, everything is a culture shock. High school was fun and some days I miss, but it has nothing on college. So to all graduating seniors, enjoy the rest of high school because college is a new ball game.

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