Music Choice With Aja: Special Edition

Last week, Jax State is hosted a tornado benefit concert on our football field. Last spring semester our beautiful campus was visited by a tornado and our school has been under re-construction ever since. The headliner for this show was the infamous, Alabama, a notorious country band that has soothed the heart of Alabama residents for years now. The concert raised 1.2 million dollars for our small state school. The local community and the state of Alabama wrapped their arms around Jacksonville and all of the students here after this storm. 


In honor of this concert our Music Choice this week will be Alabama’s top 10 songs (in my opinion). Take a listen!


1. “Song of the South”

2. “Old Flame”

3. “Feels so Right”

4. “Tennessee River”

5. “Why Lady Why”

6. “Roll on”

7. “Love in the First Degree”

8. “Dancin’ Shaggin’ on the Boulevard”

9. “Born Country”

10. Jax State's all time favorite - “Dixieland Delight”

Enjoy !