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Getting Involved in College

College is a time of new beginnings. While it is a very exciting transition, there are times where it can be a little frightening too. You are moving to a new school, a new town, and living with new people. Your friends that you have grown up with over the past 18 years are all headed in different directions. College is also the time to have a fresh new start. You are meeting new people every day and getting to experience everything that a university has to offer.

The best way to make college feel more like home is by getting involved. College has so many available ways to get involved, whether the involvement comes from honor societies, Greek life, sports, a job, leadership roles, or any other extracurricular club or activity; there is bound to be something for everyone. Getting involved gives you friends, experience, and exposure. Involvement can help lead to higher grades while keeping you connected with others. These connections will carry forward to when you go to find a job and later into life.

It is never too late to find your club or group. It does not matter if you are a freshman or a senior, today is a great day to join an organization and become a part of something amazing that will benefit you!


Julia Webb

Jax State '21

I am a sophomore at Jacksonville State University majoring in nursing.
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