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I am currently a sophomore here at Jacksonville State! I have absolutely loved every minute of my time at this university so far. My grandfather, both of my aunts, and my mom all went to JSU, so I grew up surrounded by a family of gamecocks. It wasn’t until I started school here that I realized what it truly means to be a Jacksonville State Gamecock. Being a Gamecock makes you a part of a family. A family that shares a strong bond. 

Just the other day I had to make a quick trip home, and I ran into a couple in Walmart wearing JSU clothing. Naturally, I waved and said, “Go Gamecocks!” Both of their faces lit up and they immediately started a quick conversation. I found out that they had both attended here and he had even played basketball here. This moment made me realize how special it is to be a Gamecock. Jacksonville means so much to me, my family, and everyone who has attended here. I will forever be grateful that I was led to continue my education here at JSU. 


Julia Webb

Jax State '21

I am a sophomore at Jacksonville State University majoring in nursing.
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