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What Would Adult Me Tell Teenager Me

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As an adult I do think about what I was like in the past and how I wish I could just go back and tell myself what the future would hold for me and whatnot. So today I want to write about three main things that I wish I knew while I was in middle school/high school.

DON'T care what others think

I know this is so cliche but this is something that I wish I took seriously. I've heard this so many times and I never took this advice. I was always nervous about what others thought of me in high school and I have no idea why. I went to a smaller school, so I knew everyone that was in my class and I wanted these people to not hate me. I always thought over what to wear, the friends to have, and to keep to myself. I wish I didn't do any of that because now I don't even remember who was in my grade so why did I care what these people thought of me?

Wear what you want

This is something I wish I did. Dress code smesh code, that stuff is for the birds. My dean of students at my school was a creep but, then again what school doesn't have one of those. He would dress code for the most stupid things so that was something that made me second guess what I wore. I also felt restricted because of the people around me, I wear what I want and that's a way I express myself. So that's for sure something that I would change, wear that crazy good outfit girl!!

Play a sport

Throughout my whole education experience I was in dance. I danced for a long time and I loved it but I wish that I had something other than dance. I was never pressured to do a sport in school but I think that I would have had the most fun doing a sport. I have no Idea what sport I would have done but I for sure would have shopped around. I also feel like a sport would have benefited me in college whether it was a club sport or if i continued playing in college.

Brittney is a Disability Service Major with a minor in Business Management. Some of Brittney's favorite things to do is read books, listen to Doja Cat and shop till she drops. She hopes to one day own her own business and live on the beach!!!
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