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Wardrobe Staple: Flat Shoes

This fashion series is one that I feel is very important. Trends are great as they give us an opportunity to try new things and add some flair to our wardrobe. And as much as I love some of the Spring trends of the season, I feel that wardrobe staples are way more important than what Women’s Wear Daily tells us is hot at the moment.

This week’s wardrobe staple is the flat shoe. High heels can truly be a fashionistas best friend but your closet simply isn’t complete without some stylish flats to keep your feet comfortable in between those heel moments. Here are 5 types of flats that every fashionista shouldn’t live without.

Look One:

Ballet flats. The ballet flat comes in many colors and styles so there is definitely one for every collegiette out there. Pair them with jeans to get a simple and chic look.

Look Two:

Oxford Loafer. The oxford loafer is a great shoe for dressing up or down. Pair with a blazer to get that sophisticated feel.


Look Three:

Moccasins. The comfy moccasin is the perfect accompaniment to any outfit-you really can’t go wrong with this shoe. Moccasins can be very stylish and can even make a preppy look pop!

Look Four:

Peep toe flat. The peep toe flat is definitely a shoe that transitions from day to night and is your best bet if you’re club hopping with the girls and don’t want to wear heels.

Look Five:

Mary Jane flat. The Mary Jane is a classic look for fashionistas aged 1-100. If you don’t own a pair of these flats, stop what you’re doing right now and go and get a pair!




Stay tuned for the next wardrobe staple in our series, the white tank!

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