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Things to Do When Securing an Internship Out of State

Receiving an internship offer is super exciting, especially when that internship is out of state. You’re excited to see new things, meet new people, learn new things, and add some depth to your resume. An internship is a great experience, but there are a lot of things to consider when you take an internship out of state.

If you are traveling far from school or far from home, you are going to need a place to live. If your internship site does not provide housing then you must find somewhere to live. At first this can be a daunting task but there are plenty of online sites and tools to use to find housing. Also, don’t be afraid to reach out to the Facebook community. Your aunt’s best friend’s cousin may know or have a place or room for rent available near your internship.

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You, of course, are going to need to pack. By the time your receive an internship in your college career, you are probably used to packing up your belongings, but it is still a pain in the butt to do. My suggestion is to start writing lists. Try to organize yourself as best as possible, label things as best you can as you pack and try to fill your car in a way that makes sense. Put the things that you are going to need during the ride near you and the other things that aren’t an immediate use can be packed away.

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Before you leave, make sure you renew your license. It’s one of those things of life that sneaks up on you but next thing you know, its expired. If you’re turning 21, you’re going to want it to be up to date.

Also, make sure your car inspection is up to date and that you’re aware of when it is. Most college kids get their cars inspected during the summer while they are home. So, if you aren’t going to be home for the summer make sure you get it done before you leave.

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Speaking of things college students usually do during the summer, doctors’ appointments. Yeah, you know that six month teeth cleaning you have done during winter break and then again during June? Make sure you do that before you leave.

It may seem overwhelming at first but just relax and write a list. Put it on your calendar and take a breath, everything will work out, you just have to be aware that these things need done. If you aren’t sure if you’ve covered all of your bases, talk with friends and loved ones who have traveled out of state for extended periods of times or even moved out of state.

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