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Reminders For Those Who Need Them

College is a rollercoaster to say the least. One week you could have nothing going on and then the next week you have two papers due and three tests. Often in this whirlwind, we forget a lot of important things and think that our grades are the be end all be all. Because I am experiencing this currently, I figured I would write this for others who might need the reminder as well.

1. Mistakes are okay

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Maybe you didn’t do as well on that test or you’re turning in that essay late. Of course that’s not ideal, but if everything has been overwhelming, that one grade isn’t going to kill you. Sometimes we need to take care of ourselves over our grades. Just be careful to not use it as an excuse to not do any of your work.

2. Communication is important

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If you are having problems with anyone in your life, open a line of communication with them. By holding it in, you put unnecessary stress on yourself and your mental health. I know it’s hard sometimes to talk to people about problems, but you’ll be better off in the end.

3. Don’t forget to talk to people in your support network

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If they are there for you, use them. They love you and want to help you with any problems you may be going through as well as being able to give you an outsider’s point of view.

4. Take time to do something for you

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Take time to step away from the world of academics and do something that makes you happy. Take a hike or read a book. Go somewhere local that you haven’t been before or take yourself on a date and go see a movie. Just let yourself be happy for an hour or so.

5. It’s okay to have different needs than before

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You’re a different person than you were a year ago. Hell, you’re a different person than you were a week ago, so it’s okay for you to need different things especially from different people. You;re a changing person so it’s only natural for your surroundings to change too.

6. Tomorrow is another day

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When in doubt, you just need to make it through the rest of the day. Bad days happen and as much as they suck, tomorrow is another day. A fresh start that you can work from again.

Do what you need to do so you can preserve your health. In the end, you are what matters so make sure that you are stepping back to realize this. Believe me, I know it can be tough, but you got this and I’m rooting for you. Now go take on the world!

Gabrielle Bonnar is a current undergrad student at IUP who enjoys writing for HerCampus. She enjoys writing articles as a way to express her opinions and experiences throughout her life. Also, this acts as an outlet for her to write about new interests and ideas that she might not be able to express as well through her other artistic mediums. Being a member of Her Campus has strenghtened her abilities as a writer and she is excited to see where this portfolio of pieces takes her in the future. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter at @typical_guby.
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