Our Dream Jobs

As writers, we usually write about people, places, or current events. Very rarely do we get to write about ourselves. In order for our readers to get to know the women behind the IUP Her Campus, I thought it would be a good idea to ask our members questions and show their responses by taking a picture of them holding their answer. The question I asked for this article was "What is your dream job?" Here are their responses:

Olivia - Event Coordinator for USA Rugby


Danielle - Residence Hall Director


Serena - Ambassador for Child Rights


Taylor - Teaching English in Texas


Gabrielle - White House Photographer


Payton - Wedding Planner/DJ/Photographer


Brianna - Sales/Promotions in Marketing Agency


Kate - Wedding Videographer and Ice Cream Shop Owner


Her Campus at IUP is consists of powerful women who want to do things they love. No matter what your dream is, don't be afraid to do whatever is necessary to achieve it!

Photos by Kate Marodi