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Making the Most Out of Your Mornings (As A College Student)

I have never been a morning person. I hate getting out of bed, rushing to brush my teeth, and get dressed while leaving little time to relax. My mornings have always been hectic, that is until I decided to make a routine and STICK TO IT. If you struggle with getting out of bed on time, feeling rushed constantly, and basically just hating mornings, here are 5 things you can do to make the most out of your mornings.


Give yourself at least an hour to shower, do your makeup, eat, and do whatever else you like to do before you need to head to class. Give yourself enough time to relax and wake up before sprinting out the door. I’ve found that my day goes a lot smoother when I take time for myself and really appreciate my morning.


Stretching before bed and directly after waking up has become part of my daily routine along with meditation and taking the time to be mindful. Thinking about the day ahead and giving yourself some quiet moments makes a pretty big difference in your attitude towards your day. Staying positive during meditation is a small step toward having a great morning.

3. Eat a healthy breakfast

I cannot stress this enough! Eating a good breakfast before taking on the day is a crucial part of my morning and it should be a part of yours too. Try to stay away from sugary cereal or treats at the start of your day. If you aren’t getting nutritious food into your system at the start of your day, you may end up feeling drained by the end of it. So grab an apple, a nutritious granola bar, or make yourself a yummy breakfast sandwich because you’ll need it!

4. make your bed

I have found that making my bed as soon as I wake up propels me right into the rest of my routine. I don’t give myself time to lay in bed and scroll on my phone before starting my day. Making your bed prevents the urge to jump right back into it and go back to sleep. It also keeps me from taking unnecessary naps when I return from my classes.

5. Do one thing that makes you happy

Whether you like running, watching tv, or reading a book, give yourself a little time to do something you love. Taking that time out of your morning to do something that makes you happy sets you up for success with the rest of your day.

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