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How to Cure: The Nasty Hangover

Classes are back in session, syllabus week just ended, and now we are all preparing for football game tailgates and of course, homecoming weekend. What do all of these events have in common? Drinking—and lots of it! We all have our superstitions and ‘go-to’ foods regarding what relieves that wicked next day hangover, but what foods are actually better than the rest? Here is a list of the top seven meals I’ve gathered that you should get your hands on the morning after your wild, crazy, (and possibly unrecallable) night:

1) Rehydrate: Alcohol has a diuretic effect on your body, making your muscles feel weak and your throat and mouth feel dry and rough. Replenish those lost electrolytes and fluids with water, coconut water, or some low calories sports drink (PowerAde Zero, G2 Gatorade, etc).

2) Drink up your juices: Feeling moody, annoyed, and irritable? It’s probably the hangover, not PMS. Your liver is so busy trying to metabolize all of that alcohol that it’s leaving your blood sugar to be super low. Fructose has been shown to aid the liver in alcohol metabolism, which is just what you need after a long night out. Drink a glass full of orange juice or even make a homemade juice with a juicer.

3) Eggs: We’ve all heard eggs are good for hangovers, but why? Thea abundant amount of the amino acid cysteine in eggs helps absorbof the nasty toxins left over from the alcohol. The protein punch from the eggs are an added bonus as well.

4) Bananas: This is a great choice is you’ve been vomiting and have an uneasy stomach. Bananas are easy on the stomach, full of potassium (important to replenish after being dehydrated and vomiting), full of fiber which can help break down the alcohol, and similar to sports drinks, they contain plenty of electrolytes. If you can’t stomach a full meal try a banana instead!

5) Chicken Noodle Soup: Another great food that can help rehydrate and restock those sodium and water levels in your body. Pair it with a few 100% whole wheat crackers like Wasa to add some carbs and raise the blood sugar levels in your body without upsetting your stomach.

6) Coffee: Think avoiding caffeine will help you with your hangover? Actually, you might be wrong. The caffeine in the coffee actually dilates our blood vessels, easing our headaches. Be aware though, coffee is a diuretic so make sure you’re still drinking water.

7) Peanut butter and jelly: What better way to go back in time to your childhood than with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? With the protein from the peanuts, carbs from the bread, and sugars from the jelly, you’re getting essential nutrients that your body needs in a meal that’s light on the stomach.

Hey everyone! My name is Tabitha and I'm currently a junior at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Growing up with a bodybuilding father and a twinkie/brownie loving mother, the topic of food always ricocheted off the walls in my home. Living with two people who followed two different lifestyles sparked an interest in food, which led to my passion of nutrition and choosing the major of Nutrition-Dietetics track. When I'm not online scoping out new recipes and health articles I can be seen lifting at the gym, online shopping on my porch, or enjoying dinner with some great friends.
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