Having a Great, Single Valentine's Day

With Valentine’s Day already here, it can be rough for us single people. I remember joking in eighth grade that it was “Single’s Awareness Day” and hoping that maybe I would have a secret admirer. Of course, that never happened because things like that really only happen in movies. However, just because our society seems to shun single people, doesn’t mean you can’t have a great Valentine’s Day by yourself.

1. Galentine’s Day

(Photo by rawpixel)

Gather up all your single friends and all celebrate together. Go to lunch/dinner or spend the day together. That way at least you don’t have to be alone.

2. Take yourself out on a date

(Photo by Lon Christensen)

I’ve seen this around a lot of places but it is easily applicable to Valentine’s Day. Go to dinner and a movie or spend the night out on the town. Do something for you and allow yourself to have fun doing all the things that you want to do.

3. Having a relaxing bubble bath

(Photo by Karla Alexander)

Light some candles, pour some rose petals in the bath, use a bath bomb, fill the bathtub half with soap and create a bubble mountain. Whatever your ideal bath is, go take one. You’ll be able to relax and treat yourself while forgetting about not having a partner to share it with because now the bubbles are all yours.

4. Movie marathon

(Photo by Felix Mooneera)

Whether you do this as a part of "Galentine’s Day" or after your bubble bath, you can choose a selection of your favorite movies and binge them. I would recommend staying away from romantic movies but hey, this is your movie marathon. Watch what will make you the happiest.

5. Taking advantage of the candy sales on February 15th

(Photo by Sylvanus Urban)

Arguably the best thing about Valentine’s Day is taking advantage of the after holiday sales where it seems like you could buy $20 worth of candy for just $5. It’s okay to eat that much candy for just one day, right?

So to all the single ladies, it does get better. Eventually, we’ll all be in a relationship and be able to celebrate with our significant other. But for now, rock being single and use Valentine’s day as a "treat yourself" kind of day.