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 As we are approaching spring , it is crucial that we take some time to unwind and prepare ourselves for the sunny days that are bound to come. It is extremely important to have if not one ,then several self care days. The weather is getting nicer, spring cleaning is key. Time to get rid of the winter blues and tap into our warm weather daze.

Some great ways to unwind and stay warm until the warm weather actually approaches us are all able to be done in the comfort of your own room. A girls night in is always fun, inexpensive, and intimate. Clear skin and cute pictures? No problem, face masks are the best way to go for a good at home spa day. Put on your favorite pjs, robe, cute lingerie, and pour a glass of your favorite item to drink, snacks, and indulge in your own space.

        As a college student myself, I am always on the go and rarely have time to just relax...and what college student can afford the price of a real spa day when you have books to pay for? I have found affordable face mask at any local Wal-Mart or Marshalls and Tj Maxx.

        A cup of hot tea and a few candles lit with my favorite music playlist sets me right into the mood of relaxation. It's a great start to your week and a great way to let go of that pent up stress from the winter and making room for the positive vibes that this spring has to bring.  


Girls need all the love they can get, and that starts with loving ourselves. Self care days are one of the most important days in a woman's routine. The overriding stress we get monthly, the headaches that come with keeping up with ourselves and everyone else can put a damper on us. So take this time to close that laptop, get out of bed and get ready for the week ahead.

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