Five Stages of Getting Sick During Finals as Told through Gifs

If you're like me and have awful luck, you have probably found yourself sick right around the time of finals. I could feel the sickness coming, but despite my best efforts--I still ended up with what we have called IUPlague. What is IUPlague, you may ask? It is a sickness that spreads through IUP rapidly, leaving people feeling completely and totally horrible. I thought I had boosted my immune system, yet here we are.

Here are five stages you go through when getting sick during finals>


1. Denial

You notice a slight itch in the back of your throat or maybe your nose is a bit stuffed. Regardless of what your first system is, you do everything in your power to convince yourself that this is anything other than a sicknes.


2. Anger

How could this possibly be happening?! Now of all times! You're angry at the guy that sits behind you in class and coughs nonstop. You're angry at your friends for being healthy. You're angry at yourself for having a weak immune system. Regardless of who you are angry at, you're very angry.


3. Sadness

You've done everything you can to stay healthy. Going to the gym, eating right, hydrating yourself--you do it all. You ache all over and you're sad because this just isn't fair. Before you know it, you're crying all over the place.


4. Accidental Sleeping

You're trying to study and then you wake up two hours later with your pencil in hand. You know you should be studying, but your body is desperate for sleep. You know that studying is important, so you decide to just rest your eyes for a minute...


5. Recovery

You notice that you can breathe out of your nose again and your body doesn't hurt as much. You're finally getting better and on your way to being healthy again! Thank goodness that is over.



Feel better collegiates!


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