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Finals Week is Coming: What Are Some Study Strategies?


Find a place to study that is quiet and helps you focus. Go to the local library, a study room, or somewhere that you know you learn best.


Do not wait until the night before to study for a final exam. Always allow yourself enough time to study, because you are the only one who knows what your schedule is. Even pause and take breaks for a few minutes to help process information that you just studied.


Everyone has their own study method that works best for them. Mine is using flashcards, it is the repetition that helps me remember important concepts. Find the best strategy that works for you and stick with it. Do not review the same information for an hour, switch back and forth between topics. Even form a study group with people you know in the class to help each other out.


If you really work hard and study, your work will pay off in your intended major later on in life. Pushing yourself to prove your best abilities will make you more determined to be successful.


Get some sleep! Sleep helps you retain information a lot better than staying up all night stressing. The night before your final exam, get a good night’s rest and focus on yourself, eat a nutritious breakfast! Even dress nicer that day to feel more confident in yourself, the more confident the better you will perform!

Hi my name is Emily! I am a sophomore at IUP this year studying early childhood and special education. I love coffee, Target runs, and watching Grey's Anatomy!
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